Don’t Let your Business Fall Prey To Ransomware

Mike Wilson | 09/09/2016

 Businesses everywhere are falling prey to various forms of cryptolocker types of attacks where your computer or server is infected with malware that will encrypt your companies data and files and then demand ransom payment to get your files back. Once your systems are infected you may have no alternative than to pay the ransom unless you have an uninfected recent backup.


Protecting your business from ransomware requires a preventative and proactive approach. You should use a multilayered approach for protecting your companies valuable data. A good way to look at protection  is like peeling back the layers of an onion. With your data residing at the core.  All layers need to be penetrated before the protected core  can be reached. Some of the steps you can take are:


1) Install a network security endpoint that has business grade firewall and network antivirus software.

2) Install good business grade monitored antivirus software on each server and workstation.

3) Make sure all operating systems and 3rd party software has the latest updates and security patches on all your computers. Keep the systems up to date on security patches at least once a week.

4) Take regularly scheduled daily/hourly full system image backups. Keeping an adequate history of backups.

5) Make sure access to the backups are on a password protected storage device or physically remove the backup device from the computer.

6) Use a storage device that can take periodic snapshots. Make sure snapshots are enabled.

7) Perform daily system health checks to make sure the backups are running and your antivirus software is up to date and functioning.

8) Use an email solution with good spam filtering and be extremely cautious opening attachments.

9) It is also a good idea to periodically perform a data recovery test just to make sure your backups are working.

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